Vision and Values


At The Arty Buddha, our mission is to empower individuals on their unique journeys to self-discovery, resilience, and lasting positive change.

We provide specialised coaching services that encompass mental health support, ADHD guidance, substance recovery, and a diverse range of tailored support services, fostering a compassionate and inclusive space for personal growth.

Our dedicated team is committed to navigating life’s challenges with empathy, celebrating individuality, and guiding our clients toward a future filled with purpose, confidence, and fulfilment.

Business Mission

Our Vision and Values

Business Vision


To be a beacon of transformative support, recognized for our commitment to fostering mental well-being, celebrating diversity, and empowering individuals to overcome obstacles and unlock their full potential.

We envision a world where every person, irrespective of their background, finds a safe and supportive space to embark on a journey of self-discovery, resilience, and positive transformation.



We approach each client with understanding, empathy, compassion, and a genuine desire to support their unique needs.

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We celebrate diversity and provide a safe space for individuals from all backgrounds, embracing the richness of our unique coaching experiences.


We will support you every step of the way to ensure you feel supported. Rest assured, you are not on your own.


We empower our clients to take control of their lives, set and achieve meaningful goals, and cultivate a sense of purpose and confidence.

Holistic Approach

We recognise the interconnectedness of mental health, personal growth, and well-being, offering a holistic approach to coaching.


We guide individuals in developing resilience, helping them navigate life’s challenges with strength and adaptability.


We believe in collaborative partnerships, working together with our clients to co-create strategies and solutions tailored to their unique strengths and goals.

Continuous Learning

We stay abreast of the latest coaching methodologies, mental health practices, and research to ensure the highest quality of support for our clients.


We are dedicated to being a catalyst for positive transformation in the lives of those we serve, fostering lasting change and personal growth.

These statements and values reflect our commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and transformative coaching services for individuals seeking support on their life’s journey.