Child and TeenTrauma Support Liverpool

Child and Teen Trauma Support Liverpool

At the Arty Buddha here in Liverpool, our trauma therapy is intended to help everyone who is experiencing trauma and traumatic events. Our trauma practice in Liverpool is here to support you regardless how small or large you believe your trauma may be, regardless of your background or age. To schedule a consultation or for further information, get in touch with us right away.

Our therapy at The Arty Buddha uses an integrative approach. We employ a variety of strategies to assist those who are dealing with the effects of trauma, PTSD or child traumatic stress symptoms.

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Who might require counselling for trauma?

  • You might be experiencing PTSD symptoms as a result of a single stressful event.

  • You might have grown up with developmental trauma that you feel ready to face.

  • You could require support to process relationship trauma that you’ve gone through because it’s changed you and made you feel cut off from the rest of the world or like you can no longer enjoy life.

  • You’ve had the death of someone very close to you.

  • You are experiencing overwhelming life experiences that have caused you to experience anxiety, sadness, or addiction.

  • If you have suffered from sexual abuse.

  • If you have suffered from parental loss.

  • For people who have had or having suicidal thoughts.

  • If you have been plagued by long term health problems.

  • Families that have experienced trauma together such as a car accident, a natural disaster or a violent event.

What can trauma therapy offer?

Trauma therapy focuses on the past, present, and future. We assist you in processing and comprehending your past challenges, teaching you how to interact with the present, and empowering you to build the resources for the future moving you away from any danger.

An evaluation will take place on the first session you attend. By doing so, you may tell us what you are struggling with and it helps us understand you more fully. We then decide together what will work best for you and how you would like to work.

Before any trauma can be processed, safety, stabilisation, and psychoeducation are given first priority in our trauma therapy.

A shift in focus could be part of post-traumatic stress disorder therapy. We examine related illnesses like depression, stress, anxiety, and tinnitus. After your PTSD symptoms have subsided, you might decide that you would prefer to focus on issues related to addiction, reestablishing meaningful connections with others, or simply rediscovering life in general.

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How is a therapy session structured?

Our treatment is face-to-face but can be done online. Each session lasts for an hour and happens at the same time every week. One-on-one therapy takes place in a secure, confidential setting as part of a caring therapeutic partnership.

We will give you strategies on how to cope and any fear you may have and explore those feelings to help you stable on an emotional level.

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What Advantages Does Trauma Therapy Offer?

  • Feel heard and understood

  • Feel secure in both mind and body once more.

  • A sense of rootedness and connection

  • PTSD signs cessation

  • Enables you to review a traumatic event without being affected by it

  • Brings your body’s state of homeostasis back

  • Helps you re-connect with yourself and others by calming the mind

  • Learn to develop your inner fortitude and tenacity.

  • Positive thoughts about you and the world

  • Obtain purpose in your life.

We offer practical support through our unique sessions to help you through your traumatic experience. and all our sessions are strictly private and confidential.

If you would like to book a session with The Arty Buddha and our unique way in helping you or a loved one with traumatic events, please don’t hesitate to contact us confidentially.