Personal Coaching Sessions

“Wal has such a big heart and kind soul. His teachings are second to none. He has helped me to overcome many of life’s challenges and obstacles that traditional counselling had never, it almost left me feeling hopeless that I was beyond help, but then I met Wal and happiness unfolded. I can’t recommend his services enough, he is a truly beautiful being.“


What type of coaching do you offer?

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1:1 Mind Coaching

  • Controlling anxiety

  • Reducing stress

  • Finding happiness

  • Managing anger

  • Realising your potential

  • Dealing with financial stress

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Career Coaching

  • Finding motivation

  • Executive leadership

  • Work-life balance

  • Goal setting

  • Building assertiveness

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Wellbeing Coaching

  • Art therapy

  • Health & Diet

  • Hypnosis

  • Meditation

  • Reiki